Must have bras for a college girl

As a girl’s breasts develop and mature during the teen years, it is essential for her to wear the right bra as this will offer them the right support and thereby help in preventing injury to the breast tissue. It will offer proper shape to the appearance of the breast, minimize jiggling and is also crucial when it comes to posture. There are two basics when it comes to choosing the right bra size- the cup size and the chest/band size and to ensure the right fit both these sizes needs to be correct. Today there is no dearth when it comes to the different styles and types of bras available in the market that has been exclusively designed for teenage girls. 

A quick look at the different types of bras which every college girl needs 

  • Seamless T-shirt bra– as it is available in a nude shade a college girl can easily wear it underneath a cotton T-shirt or anything else. The best part about this bra is its seamless and smooth cups will disappear even under the tightest shirts. For best results choose black bras for dark T-shirts and nude for light tops 
  • Sports bra- Having a supportive sports bra indeed is crucial if one goes to the gym or takes part in sports activities or jogging. The regular bras will not work during a workout because while running around or bouncing more support is required. 
  • Strapless bra- Bra straps that are exposed can ruin the look totally of a spaghetti top/strap dress or strapless dress. A strapless bra will help in keeping one supported and covered and leave the shoulders bare. Here fit is vital as there will not be any straps for keeping it in place 
  • Convertible bra- For wearing tricky necklines, halter tops and tank tops wearing a multi-way or convertible bra will be the best choice. It comes with detachable straps hence can be worn as strapless bras as well. The beauty of a convertible bra is, one can change the straps for fitting the support and style they desire. 
  • Comfy Bralette– These are extremely cozy and ultra-comfortable as these do not have underwires thereby making it an ideal choice for lounging in the house when a girl does not desire to wear a bra yet want some support and coverage. 
  • Plunge bra– this style of bra can save a college girl from fiddling with her neckline and worrying regarding flashing her bra while putting on a top that has a low cut. The yoke is lower compared to that on a regular bra that helps in keeping it hidden under low cut and v-neck styles. 
  • Pretty bra– To have cute bras in cool print, flirty design or pretty color as per one’s choice is a fun way of expressing her style. The more adornments and lace a bra has, it is quite likely that it will show easily through thin tops, hence make it a point to see the chest in front of the mirror prior to stepping out of the house.

So girls invest in these bras and buy breastfeeding bras if you have kids and evening wear for the special occasion right away and enjoy the utmost comfort and walk with confidence.